How does it feel? Does it make you feel better when its over, inside My mind been stressing Time to get in control of who I’m meant to be But all of these options ruin me How does it feel? When the anxiety disappears When you can accept and overcome fear When you are brave […]

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If there’s one thing about this funktastic band I can tell you, it’s how you’ll be smiling and thanking the funk gods for bringing life back into music. Vulfpeck is the unexpected, they are so simplistic yet so hard-hitting, you can’t get enough, you just go from one track to another. From “1612” to “Back […]

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If angels sing, this must be what they sound like… Her voice, her funk, her soul. She will be whatever she thinks she will be. Get ready for Nao’s takeover, if you didn’t know, know you know.

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He will change hip hop. Why? Because of his sick rapping skills? Because of his ultra new sound? No. Because of his rawness. World Goldlink Goldlink World. The End.

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My main obsession right now! I have been listening to this genius ever since I first heard his edit on Flume’s (another great producer/DJ) “Holdin on” back in 2013. Kaytranada’s production skills are f*cking crazy, he can transform (and create) any song into a hit. I’m not exaggerating when I say that this dude is […]

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Ji Nilsson

It’s about time that you’re introduced to Swedish pop music sensation Ji Nilsson. The first time i ever heard one of her songs was by misstake, I was searching for a different song about heartache that I had had on my mind for a long time, and mistakenly clicked on the video for “Heartbreakfree”. I […]

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Leon Bridges

Wow. Just Wow. Music has found it’s savior once again. You will get swept away by his raspy voice and young Sam Cooke persona. You will question every moment you pressed play and listened to mainstream garbage. You will question how you could ever believe in the words “marijuana, get drunk and turn up”. Mr […]

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